Accountants and Consultants

In the digital world we live in, every company must have a website. To meet this need, we at NerdStudio.Site have created a business model that includes Accountants and Consultants in order to offer this service to their customers.

With this you can offer your customers a differentiated package with a quality service delivered in a record time and still bill.

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Meet our Program in Partners!

Check now some ways of working to close our partnership!

We do on behalf of your Company without contact with your customer
You close the contract with your client and we execute within the time stipulated previously in our partnership, all payments are made to you and only the value of our service is passed on.

In the case of websites they are developed on our server and after the client's approval it will go live. We have a separate domain for this situation ( where your client will not know that the site is being developed by another company.

We have no contact with your customer! And you are protected by contract that we cannot close any service with it!

The deadline for approval by briefing is a maximum of 5 calendar days.
We use a base price for the works, but being totally flexible to the size of the client and the project to be executed.

We do on behalf of Your Company, but assuming contact and support to your customer
In this case, the contract is closed by your company, but you have no work to pass on information and changes because once the contract is closed with your client, we cannot close any more contracts with him.

Thus, we make all contact with your client respecting good conversation practices and any problems are reported to you!

In relation to the previous one, it has a slight price adjustment due to the extra work of contacting the customer on behalf of your company. In addition, the site must be hosted on our server for maintenance to be carried out correctly, the other items and deadlines are identical to the previous one.

We do it on behalf of NerdStudio.Site
Here it works well as an indication, but you can either set the price to your client as long as it fits within the budget proposed by NerdStudio.Site or even let us send the proposal offering 30% of the gross cost as a commission for the indication.

In this way, the customer has the contract and forms of payments linked directly to NerdStudio.Site and all payments being made directly to NerdStudio.Site.

The delivery period remains the same with 5 calendar days after receiving the briefing.

Each possibility can still be polished according to your need and agency.

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Besides all that! We still have a goal and incentive program because we always want you to think about our partnership! Download the Material below and see the advantages you can gain totally free with our partnership!

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Our Jobs

Meet some agencies that allowed the display of their partnerships on our website! Be part of the Partnership Program with Partnership with Accountants and Consultants!

Success Story

Resolute Accounting Consulting

A Modern and Professional!

? Institutional Site
? Exclusive and personalized look
? Easy navigation
? High Performance Premium Hosting
? Custom URL address

Everything you need to be online and present your company in a professional way on the internet.

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Modern and Professional

Resolute Assessoria Contábil is a company specialized in accounting services that gives entrepreneurs a differentiated view of accounting as a management tool. Therefore, your website was developed to exactly reflect your services!

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Be part of Program in Partnerships with Offices of Accounting!

Don't waste time and do a test with NerdStudio.Site before signing the contract! Increase your customer satisfaction and make your customer more loyal with this new work methodology!

EXPAND your services, INCREASE your revenue, SCALE your services and OFFER higher quality!

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Wordpress Global

A platform remodeled by NerdStudio. Our exclusive panel will facilitate the management of your website with greater speed and practicality!

See below for an example for E-commerce.

Registering Product
Checking Order
Why Global?
WordPress is an Open Source tool, meaning that any user can modify it according to their needs.

Given this possibility, NerdStudio.Site worked on a solution that would reduce the load and the chance of errors on wordpress sites.

This concept gave rise to WordPress Global. A Centralized WordPress that controls all domains and takes advantage of memory resources keeping the processes always active, this generates a range of unimaginable options and makes WordPress sites fast as if they were pure code sites. It also avoids duplicates and redundancies in all files and processes without affecting your security!

What advantages will I have?
Editing your site faster, publishing to your blog without wasting time and avoiding updating errors are one of the possibilities, however, the biggest highlight is the support for the high number of visits that can exceed 5,000 users simultaneously without absurd costs in relation the other accommodations.

Another highlight is the SEO (Search Engine Optimization), used to increase the rank of your site organically in the search engines. Many developers do not perform this step correctly on their entire site, our WordPress Global allows all sites to share the same attributes and ensures that they have a great SEO since its development.

Note: WordPress Global is only supported by our servers, contact us and learn more details to hire.

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Super Admin
Email Management

Report in Analyze from the web

Check the origin and number of users on your site directly through the customized Control Panel.

With Awstats you can track and monitor where they browse and how long users stay on your site. This access can also be done via the App of NerdStudio.Site (Android or IOS).

Super Admin

Have the Total control

Manage what happens in your company! We offer Super Admin access through the Control Panel so that you can track all corporate e-mails sent and received, ensuring optimal service to your customers by your employees.

Email Management

Manage and Monitor your Corporate E-mails

Create, edit or delete email accounts and change passwords directly from the Control Panel. With this tool you have complete management of corporate e-mails. Adding, changing and deleting has never been easier!

I want to be in control!

Software Graduates and GPL

We use Amazon servers with licenses for all installed systems like Cpanel / WHM and Cloudlinux.
We only work with original themes and we have the license of the installed version, guaranteeing total security for your website code.
We have a video bank license for editing and producing quick takes for our customers.
We have license of several image banks so that your material is fully customized legally!
Other content
Let's talk about originality.
Using original content, in addition to following the law, brings security to your customers! The use of materials available on the web can cause legal problems for you and your customers, so we follow the policy of not working with content without a license.

App Android and IOS

Boleto and Invoice
Generate slips directly through the App and receive invoices automatically by email.
PagHyper integration
Make payments via boleto bancário up to 14 days in advance and with PIX support.
WhatsApp integration
If you forget to check your ticket or generate a ticket through the App, you will be notified via WhatsApp to not miss any deadline or information.
Technical Calls
Talk directly to the sector responsible for your project and receive all notifications and updates via WhatsApp.
Content Approval
Quickly appreciate and approve social media creatives through the App or Client Dashboard.
Passwords and Accesses
Keep your social media passwords and other services related to your project safe and restricted, if you forget, just consult the App.

Why be a partner of NerdStudio.Site?

Expand your services and increase your revenue
Offer new services related to your business. NerdStudio.Site will take care of the development and maintenance for you!
Productivity and differential for your customers
Save production time and track your customers' results while we take care of creating and maintaining the Site and / or E-commerce.
Specialized Team
We have a dynamic and specialized team in several areas of knowledge. Design, Programming and Marketing professionals to offer the best solutions to your needs.
We are tuned and we always update our creative processes so that the product you have purchased is in accordance with all current standards.