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NerdStudio.Site is an agency specialized in digital marketing. We work with Inbound Marketing and Performance Media. We operate with excellence in the management of Social Networks, Design and Branding, Creation of Websites and Virtual Stores, Management of Advanced Google AdWords and Facebook Ads campaigns, SEO and Content Marketing, among others.

We entered into partnerships for website development with other Agencies, Accounting Offices and Financial Consultants.

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Responsive Websites
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Wordpress Global

A platform remodeled by NerdStudio. Our exclusive panel will facilitate the management of your website with greater speed and practicality!

See below for an example for E-commerce.

Registering Product
Checking Order
Why Global?
WordPress is an Open Source tool, meaning that any user can modify it according to their needs.

Given this possibility, NerdStudio.Site worked on a solution that would reduce the load and the chance of errors on wordpress sites.

This concept gave rise to WordPress Global. A Centralized WordPress that controls all domains and takes advantage of memory resources keeping the processes always active, this generates a range of unimaginable options and makes WordPress sites fast as if they were pure code sites. It also avoids duplicates and redundancies in all files and processes without affecting your security!

What advantages will I have?
Editing your site faster, publishing to your blog without wasting time and avoiding updating errors are one of the possibilities, however, the biggest highlight is the support for the high number of visits that can exceed 5,000 users simultaneously without absurd costs in relation the other accommodations.

Another highlight is the SEO (Search Engine Optimization), used to increase the rank of your site organically in the search engines. Many developers do not perform this step correctly on their entire site, our WordPress Global allows all sites to share the same attributes and ensures that they have a great SEO since its development.

Note: WordPress Global is only supported by our servers, contact us and learn more details to hire.

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App Android and IOS

Boleto and Invoice
Generate slips directly through the App and receive invoices automatically by email.
PagHyper integration
Make payments via boleto bancário up to 14 days in advance and with PIX support.
WhatsApp integration
If you forget to check your ticket or generate a ticket through the App, you will be notified via WhatsApp to not miss any deadline or information.
Technical Calls
Talk directly to the sector responsible for your project and receive all notifications and updates via WhatsApp.
Content Approval
Quickly appreciate and approve social media creatives through the App or Client Dashboard.
Passwords and Accesses
Keep your social media passwords and other services related to your project safe and restricted, if you forget, just consult the App.
Super Admin
Email Management

Report in Analyze from the web

Check the origin and number of users on your site directly through the customized Control Panel.

With Awstats you can track and monitor where they browse and how long users stay on your site. This access can also be done via the App of NerdStudio.Site (Android or IOS).

Super Admin

Have the Total control

Manage what happens in your company! We offer Super Admin access through the Control Panel so that you can track all corporate e-mails sent and received, ensuring optimal service to your customers by your employees.

Email Management

Manage and Monitor your Corporate E-mails

Create, edit or delete email accounts and change passwords directly from the Control Panel. With this tool you have complete management of corporate e-mails. Adding, changing and deleting has never been easier!

I want to be in control!

Automatic News Post on your site and Social media

Have you ever imagined a system that generates content on your website and on your social networks without the need for human work? It's not Cyberpunk, it's reality!
We have developed a system that: 1) Reproduces news from blogs and portals related to your area of expertise. 2) Creates a prominent image for publication on Instagram. 3) Automatically post on your website's blog and on your social network at the time and amount you need!

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Software Graduates and GPL

We use Amazon servers with licenses for all installed systems like Cpanel / WHM and Cloudlinux.
We only work with original themes and we have the license of the installed version, guaranteeing total security for your website code.
We have a video bank license for editing and producing quick takes for our customers.
We have license of several image banks so that your material is fully customized legally!
Other content
Let's talk about originality.
Using original content, in addition to following the law, brings security to your customers! The use of materials available on the web can cause legal problems for you and your customers, so we follow the policy of not working with content without a license.

Monitoring of Campaigns

Monthly reports are a thing of the past! At NerdStudio.Site you can follow your Facebook or Google campaigns in real time and add balance directly through the Official App whenever you need it. Have more convenience when making payments!

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Suitable for Bid

Did you know that only a company with time to market, up to date with its taxes and in a legal situation can bid?

NerdStudio.Site is ready to bid! We work with invoices and are up to date with our taxes. We are a consolidated company in which you trust your services.


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Excellent well-trained staff, quality professionals and large store! Thanks for the service team!
Cat Q Mia Clinic
An agency focused on results with great service.
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Did they deliver a great service, 7 days a website? Too muchop
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Excellent and fast service. Super attentive staff and always send service feedback.
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Sensational Company! With the best support I've seen in the area!
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